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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Kracken is coming! Kracken is coming!

When I stopped long enough to realize that we were, finally into the last month of 2014 I just had to say, "Wow!"   

So much has happened since last year this time. I have a new job assignment, my college age daughter has moved home from New York, my oldest son has moved to New York and my youngest son has started a new path in life. On top of all that, my wife and I celebrated another year of marriage, yep-yep, 31 years together. 

And there have been losses. There have been friends and family that have moved on from this life into the next. The comfortable part comes in knowing that we will see them again.

And yes, finally, Kracken is online and being readied for release. 

The proof copies are ordered and the screeners are set. Next comes the pre-readers. Yes, yes, and praise God! 

 If you want to stay in the loop check out my Kracken Page.