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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Urban Fiction: Living it Out - Day Nine: A New Beginning

Special announcement: DRT is at the publisher. The cover is being set and the formatting is all in place. We’re talking a few more weeks and DRT will be out. Yeah! Praise God.

Now back to the program.

Last night’s shift was in a word…fast. My entire team rolled into briefing tired...heavy fatigue and ten long hours ahead of us. Then it happened. The calls began to pour in…one after another after another all night long right up until 06:00 hours. It is the best kind of night when you are tired.

My first call, a welfare check, is always set to be a surprise. When a citizen is concerned about a child or the living conditions they live in, a welfare check is dispatched. My job is to go into the home and make sure the environment is clean, safe, and healthy.

Last night’s call was a wonderful surprise. The house was small and cluttered, and the family was obviously poor, but the children were plump, pink and happy. No problems to report. I love calls like that. It’s just a pleasant change from the usual “stuff” I have to deal with….Just saying.


  1. It's always good when people remind us that while things might not be perfect, there are those who do make the best with what they have and do their best to love their families. Awesome that your first call was so uplifting!! :-)

  2. It's always better to have a busy work 'day' then a long boring one. However, remember if it is long and boring, don't say anything. For once you do--- it never ends! Keep up the great work.