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Monday, April 23, 2012

Out of the Two comes One - Part Fourteen

Perhaps the hardest part about being both a cop and a pastor is that I know what the Lord has said about the nature of man; that he is basically evil. It is when I’m dealing with “the good people” in our community that don’t know they need the Lord, is the hardest part of all. This is the essence of the struggle I deal with in my novel N.H.I.

As I have contact with common everyday people, dealing with their common everyday problems, that I see the greatest struggle. I know the answers they are looking for are in Christ, yet I am restricted from sharing that tidbit of information. Therefore, I lace up my boots, and strap on my gun and go to work and serve the two peoples of my bi-cultural world. And yes, I do love serving my community, and I love serving my congregation. With this being true, then the only thing left to do is go forward bringing the best of both my worlds into balance in one: me.

My point? We are all on a journey traveling through life. Along the way, I've met a lot of different people and have gone through lot of different situations. The question I have had to answer is: Am I being the best “me” I can be? When I go to work or stand in the pulpit, I always know I have the opportunity to share the essence of Jesus in me—and so do you….Just saying.

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  1. "Am I being the best "me" I can be?" - Yes, that is the question we always have to answer in any given situation we encounter in life. And, we must learn to give ourselves the understanding to be able to forgive ourselves when the best we can be in a given moment isn't our very best ever... None of us is perfect. After all, we are only human...