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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Out of the Two comes One - Part Seventeen

As an author, my life is quite simple, but couple that with my new role as CEO at NCC Publishing ( and it puts me in mind of my dual roles as pastor and police officer. (What is it with the split personality thing and me anyway?) But I digress. My point is, as I execute my duties for the city in which I work, I am often confronted with issues of service and not merely enforcement.

It’s those moments when I get to touch a life with service…dare I say kindness, that the true beauty of being a cop shines through.  Now, compare that to being a pastor: How cool is it when you’re the one that gets to lay your hand on the newborn child and pray the blessing of the Lord on this tiny new person. Or be the only one in the entire church with a ringside seat for the very first kiss of husband and wife.

Too many times the dualities of life can be seen as bad or harmful, but sometimes it’s just plain fun.  I think the choice is up to you—or in this case, me. I choose to continue to serve both as pastor and as police officer, and now, I get to add to that—author and publisher.  Who knows, it might just be fun for you too.  So come along with me as I travel this new road in a world where two very different ideas make one very beautiful reality.  Just saying…think about it. 

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