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Monday, June 30, 2014

How time flies when you're not writing...

It’s so funny that so much time has passed. I never would have believed that publishing books for others would simply absorb all my time that had been set aside for writing. Who knew?

Oh well, be that as it may, I cannot say that I'm sorry: Frustrated yes, but sorry never. Since I last release a title of my own - or made an entry here on my blog - my company, NCC Publishing, has launched the career of three new authors and currently have three more titles in the workings. Praise God for His favor.

Now to the matter of my own writings, I have informed my partners that I would be taking the summer off from the publishing side of the business so that I could actually finish a manuscript with my own name on it.  For those of you who have been waiting on Kracken, it really is almost done. I'm cleaning up the proofs and waiting on the final cover work. Yeah!

And yes, I have started the new Nate Richards book. It is under the working title of Shades of, huh? This is a continuing storyline in the life of Nate and his friends with some new villains and a couple of old ones thrown in just to make it interesting. So, keep me in your prayers that I will have a productive summer with many hours spent right here, sitting in front of my computer.

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