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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back in the Game

Back in the game. Well I'm back from vacation, well sort of - my official last day is tomorrow-  and ready to get back to work. I took to the road and spent some refreshing time on the coast with my wife and family. Awesome!

Well enough of that. I am very excited to report that the reviews from the pre-read sampling of Kracken have been fantastic. Don't worry, for those of you who showed interest in being a part of the pre-release pre-read that is still to come.  This small sampling group is a step prior in the process as we get Kracken ready for release. I will be contacting you soon for your email addresses where you would like the pre-read manuscript sent. I am so excited.

But in the meantime allow me to direct your attention to a fantastic new author, Isaiah Silkwood. Silkwood has recently released his first novel, Of Pirates and Werewolves, and has hit it out of the park. (Look at me using baseball metaphors.) Of Pirates and Werewolves is a fanciful romp with pirates, cannibals, cyclopes and a cantankerous parrot. You'll love it!  Think Pirates of the Caribbean with a twist of Percy Jackson thrown in the mix.

Well if I'm really gong to get Kracken out on time, I'd better get back to work. See ya soon.

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