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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

KRACKEN - Character Introduction: Mike Stone

It's January and Kracken has just cleared its final edit. To help introduce Kracken to the world, I started a series of character introductions a while back. The first post was of our protagonist, or the as we say in the common tongue - the star of the show,  Mike Stone.

Here's the scene I chose to give you a hint of the journey Mike takes in the story: ( I hope you enjoy it.)

Mike kissed her forehead. “I will be back.” As Mike crept closer to the sound of the falling whip, he suddenly began to understand what Rosemary knew—only too well.

A man’s voice, stilted with callous disregard, spoke over the sound of crying. “Four more of you worthless whelps are missing,” The angry voice continued, dripping with undisguised hatred. “I’m going to beat you one by one until either you tell me where the others are or until you’re all dead. Don't matter to me one way or the other.” The angry voice flicked his wrist and the whip jumped as if alive, snaking out and biting the exposed skin of a child’s thigh. Another lash answered by another cry.

You sorry excuse for—” The angry voice withdrew the whip, wet with blood, and began his forward motion. The whip froze mid-strike. “—what the…” He turned and looked into Mike’s burning gaze.

A shot fired.

Two more C-men, laughing while holding the teenage boy who was being beaten, looked up in sudden surprise, then bewilderment, and finally fear. Their gaze traveled to the hot anger in Mike’s face to their comrade lying dead at his feet; a fist sized hole still smoldering in his chest where the laser blast terminated his protest. 

This was posted on Face Book back in December, but not here so I thought to bring it back arround.

A scene from Kracken due for release Feb2015. 

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