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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anatomy of a Sexual Assault Investigation VII

Working the scene: Part One

If you’ve read my first novel, NHI: No Humans Involved, a Nate Richards crime series – don’t you just love how I worked a commercial right into the first paragraph of my blog? But I digress…. As I was saying, the one thing Nate always does when he comes to a new crime scene is stop, back up and then walk in slowly. 

This is called getting the big picture or an overview, most often it is referred to as the Walk Through. During the walk through no evidence is collected. It is exactly what it sounds like, a walk through. The CSI, will during this phase, discuss what angles will be used to take which photographs and what evidence will eventually be collected, but this is discussion only.  

The scene officer, remember he is the one who got the call and probably was the first officer on site, is or should be familiar with the crime scene. This officer will give the lead crime scene investigator a briefing of what is believed to have happened and then, having already determine a route of ingress and egress –that’s fancy cop talk for the way in and the way out- that will least impact the crime scene, walk the CSI through he scene explaining the scene as they go. 

Next time, who does what.

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