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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anatomy of a Sexual Assault Investigation VIII

Working the scene: Part Two

Once the walk through is done the real work begins. This is where we determine what is relevant as true evidence and what is considered simply background noise.

The lead Crime Scene Investigator, CSI, separates the scene into search quadrants and makes assignments to the assisting officers. If the crime scene is indoors it is done by room, but if it is an outside scene the area is simply segregated.

The CSI will usually take the main body of the scene and assign others according to their skill sets. This will usually revolve around officers who specialize in lifting latent prints, all the way down to forensic fragments in the carpet and clothing of the victim.

If there are body fluids {blood, semen, saliva} involved then the CSI will also take special care in the lifting and collecting of these samples. Special bio-collection kits are used to make these collections. Next time we will look at each of these types of collection kits and how they are used.   

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