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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Process of Writing: Part 10

I hope you’ve enjoyed our guest bloggers, Donna Fletcher Crow and Val Gray. I’m sure you were helped and much enjoyed the information they shared.

But now it’s back to how to get ‘er done…that is ideas from me on the Ray way of writing.  Let’s talk plot.

When you hear the word plot what thought comes to mind? How the story moves? That thing that makes you want to turn the next page? Or just how everything will work together? All of this is true of course. For purposes of this discussion lets define plot as a plan or a strategy to move your story and the reader from page one to page the end.

It’s also a good idea to keep the reader interested, not so much to keep them happy. What you want from your reader is emotion and in most cases anger works just as well as happiness; sometimes better, but I digress.

Attached is worksheet I received from one of the many mentors that have helped me along this journey. I hope you’ll find it both interesting and useful.

The way to do this is to compare your proposed novel to one you know and love, but that is similar to the one you are creating. Then just fill in the blanks.

Bringing the Plot Alive!

Notes based on a study of novel ______________ 
By: ______________
Number of pages ____ for ______chapters.

1.    In the opening lines, how did the author arouse my interest and curiosity? 

2.    On which page-how far into the action- is each character introduced?  

3.    How is each character introduced? 

4.    Is something said about one character by another-something derogatory, perhaps?

5.    Where do flashbacks occur and what purpose do they serve? 

6.    How are flashbacks introduced? 

7.    What subplots are there and how are they resolved?  

8.    Where does the middle crisis of the story occur and how is the major problem solved? 

9.    How many pages does it take after the main climax for all things to be solved and all things are revealed? 

10. In the final chapter, how does the author leave me?

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