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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Process of Writing: Part Nine

Now it’s gut check time.  Once you have your setting all in place and your main character is dressed to kill…the one step, or rather the two steps, you must keep in mind is secondary character development and the subplots. Notice I said subplots, plural.  

In N.H.I., the secondary characters of Sabrina, Amber and Mac stand on their own. Each of these personalities needs to be able to hold the reader’s attention and cause the reader to care about what happens to them.

As the main plot line is the vein that pulls the reader from page one to page “the-end”, you must have interesting and intriguing subplots, whether it is the story of the protagonist’s love interest or the growth of a secondary character. These storylines must have substance and must also help the overall development of your main story.

In the Nate Richards series, I introduce Mac as a minor character in the beginning of the story but as the storyline develops we see his character grow as well; this is also true of the relationship between Nate and Amber, his love interest.

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