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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Process of Writing Part II (Structure): Session Two

After we have established a good strong Ghost, next we have to think about what will carry the reader through the story. Think of this as a type of skeleton, what we call in writing, the Context.

Simply put the Context is everything surrounding your protagonist in the story i.e. setting, minor characters, the very world where your hero lives.

The context is what we use to express our protagonist. Going back again to the mythos of the Star Wars Universe, the planets, the star ships, the aliens all support the idea of a world where Luke could exist.

Take your favorite story, whether it is a romance or an action thriller, if you change the setting you change your story. By changing the setting or even the minor characters with which your hero interacts changes your entire story. This is the essence of Context.

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  1. Great points, Ray. I shared on Fliterary's FB page. :)