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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anatomy of a Sexual Assault Investigation X

Working the scene: Part Four

Many years ago while working a rape investigation, I came across a stain. Now this was no ordinary stain, it was shall we say the remnant of the act of sexual aggression.  The problem with this stained was that it was soak completely through the carpet and into the floor board beneath.

What do you think I did?

Well, twenty minutes later and after the dust had settled, I had a patch or floor and a portion of carpet to be booked into evidence and the apartment where the dastardly deed had been done was left with a gaping hole that they needed to repair.

This is how a crime scene is processed. When the specimen is located then it has be collected. If a sample cannot be lifted, using the swab technique, or if that sample is not be indicative of the stain, the whole thing is photographed, measured, lifted and removed. In all cases a diagram of the scene is created in conjunction with the photo and the video log. All of these will become part of the evidentiary package.

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