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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Special Guest: Donna Fletcher Crow

Shadows and light.  That's what so much of life is all about.  And shadows and light— the contrasts— are a lot of what make art work.  I think that's why I'm having so much fun with my romantic suspense series The Elizabeth & Richard Mysteries.  Romance in exotic settings played out in sharp relief against murder and mayhem.  It gives an edge to everything.

For example, In book 1, THE SHADOW OF REALITY Dr. Elizabeth Allerton, head of the English department at Rocky Mountain College insists that her new department member Dr. Richard Spenser accompany her to a mystery week set high in the Rockies.

The role-played week starts out as if all Elizabeth's fantasies had come true, staying in  an elegant English manor house in the 1930's. And then it gets better.  Their host is even more than Elizabeth could have dreamed:  Sir Gavin Kendall— sophisticated, brilliant, rich and captivated by her.

Then falls the shadow.  Will Elizabeth's lifelong dreams become reality or will she fall prey to the vicious murderer lurking in the shadows? Will Elizabeth discover the narrow line between fantasy and reality in time to achieve her dreams?

In book 2, the newly-released A MIDSUMMER EVE'S NIGHTMARE Elizabeth and Richard want nothing more than a quiet, romantic honeymoon— with a touch of literary charm. So they have chosen the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.  Perfection.  Until they find that Desdemona’s brilliantly acted death scene wasn’t acted and Elizabeth’s costume designer sister and her actress roommate are terrified that they are slated to be the next victims.

Elizabeth and Richard are stretched to the limit as they struggle to deepen their marriage relationship while supporting and protecting two young women at the same time.
“With an adroit hand at humor and sleek banter, Donna Fletcher Crow combines a lighthearted romance with the dangerous world behind the curtain. Her characters Elizabeth and Richard share their Christian faith unobtrusively and with deft intelligence.”  Christine Lindsay, Shadowed Silk
A Midsummer Eve’s Nightmare has "all the elements of a throat-gripping, sleep-robbing thriller, while still wooing the reader with the tenderness of sweet romance. . . this is a charming page-turner that will keep readers on edge to the very end."  Kathi Macias, Valeria's Cross
Donna Fletcher Crow is the author of 36 books, mostly novels dealing with British history.  The award-winning GLASTONBURY, an Arthurian grail search epic covering 15 centuries of English history, is her best-known work.  A VERY PRIVATE GRAVE, book 1 in the Monastery Murders series is her reentry into publishing after a 10 year hiatus. Book 2 A DARKLY HIDDEN TRUTH will be out in 2011.  THE SHADOW OF REALITY, Book 1 The Elizabeth & Richard Mysteries, is a romantic intrigue available on Ebook. A MIDSUMMER EVE’S NIGHTMARE, Book 2 in the Elizabeth & Richard series is her newest release.

Donna and her husband have 4 adult children and 10 grandchildren.  She is an enthusiastic gardener. 
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  1. Thank you, Ray! What a delight to be a guest on your blog. I really appreciate this opportunity to meet your readers.