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Friday, July 29, 2011

Urban Fiction: Living it Out - Day Eight

As a police officer, there are many tools placed at our disposal available for our use. One of these, and probably one of the least talked about is the vest….The bulletproof vest.

Over my twenty plus years, I have worn a great many styles and types of vest. From the ‘it’s so heavy I can barely move’ to the ‘this feels like cotton wrapped around my gut’. (Smile.)

I can remember my first vest was so thick and heavy; I would have to use my hands occasionally to lift it and let a breeze under just to cool off. My latest vest is from the opposite end of the spectrum and feels more like a thick tee shirt.

So after five plus years it’s finally time for a new vest. The new ones are a very cool dark blue and look kind of like the one Batman wore in “The Dark Knight”, but without all the added muscles. The good thing is that it is lightweight and flexible. Having it be able to stop a bullet is a major plus, however.

Another bad thing about a vest –for those of you who have never had to wear one- after a while they can begin to stink. You know the sweaty gym locker room kind of stink. It’s a healthy stink as stinks go, but it stinks nonetheless. So, yeah, I’m really looking forward to my new vest. But, on the other hand, I was thinking maybe Febreeze should send us all a check for the boost in stock value we have given them. One good turn deserves another, right? (Smile) Just saying…


  1. I get it...just changed my carrier out today...have to do it every few days in the summer.

  2. Matt G.

    Oh yes, the extra carrier. My problem is that after being upstairs in CID for ten years,I can remember where I put my extra carrier. That's another reason I'm looking forward to the exchange.

  3. Wow, I never realized how much bullet proof vests have evolved ;)

  4. Joysgirl

    Its all about the science.