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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Urban Fiction: Living it Out - Day Two(a)

Since I’m on my weekend break, technically I’m still on day two. The big thing with getting back in the role of a street cop is the need or feel of the need to be in better physical shape. While working in CID it was extremely hard for me to maintain a regular routine of working out. Between court, late investigations, and my work with the church…not to mention being a family man, having time to workout seemed impossible.

Perception creates reality.

Well being back on the streets changed my perception, which as you know necessitates a change in my reality. So guess what, now I’m working out three to four times a week regularly. So this was a good thing. I kind of imagine my character Nate Richards as a 20 something version of myself, young, single and a committed health-nut and physical trainer. However, being back in the real world, I am faced with retooling this much older frame of mine.

Tomorrow begins my last week of retraining before I get set loose on my own. Speaking from experience, there is nothing like having your front seat clear and free… that means no one sitting in the passenger side seat judging your every move and second guessing your every thought. At least that’s what it feels like when you’re the trainee. Now add to this the fact that I was driving a patrol car when most of these people were being born or still in elementary school. Life is funny, huh?

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