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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Urban Fiction: Living it Out - Day Five

Entered the last phase of retraining tonight and wouldn’t you know it…it turned out to be a pretty flat evening. Ten hours and about 61 miles of driving later and still, I did not have a whole lot to show for my efforts.

The shift began pretty good, a promising traffic stop followed by an assist with a possible drug arrest. But, just like a two-day-old soda, it went flat. The first stopped turned out to be teens driving grandparents car on their way to a school event. Nothing. The second stop…well it wasn’t even my stop, but it turned out to be nothing as well.

Then when I’m finally on my way to get my coveted Diet Coke…oh yes, Diet Coke, bam! I drive right into the middle of a traffic accident. No, I wasn’t in the accident, I mean I drove right up on it just after it had occurred. So, it’s like fishing, you catch it you clean it.

So after the traffic report was done it was more trolling just looking for the bad guy, the criminal element. You know all the fun stuff we cops like to do.

One thought though, if you’re gonna have a yard sale or a garage sale, make sure to keep your money and your purse well away from where your “Shoppers” will be perusing. It just might save you a lot of trouble and a whole bucket of tears. Just saying.