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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Urban Fiction: Living it Out - Day Four

Retraining continues. Eight days in patrol and 11 arrests. That’s a lot of trip to jail. Even though in the beginning I was not looking forward to going back to patrol, now I have to confess the love for the streets has been re-ignited in me.

The shift work and the rotations are things to be adjusted to, but the htrill of getting out and inserting myself between the criminal element and the good people of my community….Wow! That is one great feeling.

I can’t wait to build some of these experiences back into the Nate Richards character. It can only serve to make the stories richer and more full. I already have one foot-pursuit to add, who knows what will be next…Well on the streets that’s just the tick isn’t you never know what will be next.


  1. Love your new blogs about patrol. Give us more.

  2. Keeping telling us more. I enjoy reading about it. And I'm sure the people of Meridian appreciate that they have a great cop protecting them.