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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Urban Fiction: Living it Out - Day Seven

I’ve finished re-training!!!

After a great week, I finally got the news I’ve been waiting for, for the last six weeks. I’ll tell you how it happened. The shift started like it always does, fast. Right out the gate, one of my partners stops this guy, a really bad guy, and invites him to a stay at the county resort. (Smile)

Then, I stopped this lady who was driving a vehicle that hadn’t been registered in over three months. That was bad, but what I gave her a ticket for was not insuring her vehicle. I explained to her that I could overlook her tardiness in getting registered –for another day or so- but she couldn’t risk hitting someone and not being able to take care of the resulting problem. That was my day; well that was the pattern of my day.

Then at the end of the night my FTO- Field Training Officer- pulls me aside and says, “You’re done. You’re on your own.” Hallelujah! Needless to say, that was music to my ears.

So starting next week, I have my car to myself and I won’t have to listen to country music anymore. Hey, I’m not hating, but I’m more of a talk radio kind of guy. (Smile).

Now, the question is, how can I work this sense of promotion and freedom into Nate’s existence? Isn’t writing fiction wonderful? As one of my favorite quotes goes, “Fiction is just reality that hasn’t happened yet.” Just saying…

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  1. Yeah! Congrats. Don't sweat it. When the time is right IT will appear in Nate's life. Your subconscious will provide the time and place. After all, every character we write is a part of us. Just saying...