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Monday, July 11, 2011

Urban Fiction: Living it Out

As many of you know, by virtue of having read my book NHI: No Humans Involved, I write about a police detective – Nate Richards – who is a rookie and thrust into some pretty harried situations. When I started writing this series, I was completing my first decade as a detective and my seventh year as a sex crimes investigator. That in and of itself was a fascinating position to be in.

But, as of the 1st of June, I have been reassigned to the “streets” and have found it to be quite the adventure and thought I would share that with you. Just like my character, Nate, I am finding the new transition very exciting as well as very challenging.

So, as I am re-introduced to the skills and tests of working the streets and stretching myself to learn the new skills needed to work the streets in 2011, I would like to take you along and share some of my triumphs as well as my pit falls along the way. Why don’t you join me as I, like Nate Richards, goes back to the streets.


  1. If you lead we will follow! Lead on, Ray.

  2. Now you are "blogging" my friend... And I am reading! I like it, no actual I love it!